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It’s about life, not cancer. If you want to know anything about cancer the Canadian Cancer Society is your trusted voice. An influential, authoritative and spirited voice on cancer issues, since 1938 the Canadian Cancer Society has led in the fight against cancer, a fight for life! There are many voices among our supporters—hopeful, purposeful, knowledgeable and compassionate people committed to fighting cancer. Our Fight For Life was launched to provide a platform for all the important news, commentary and opinion out there about cancer. It’s a place to share personal stories, share successes and start conversations. The contributors are cancer-fighters, volunteers, staff, partners and community representatives aligned with the cause.

This platform is one of the many resources which allows the Canadian Cancer Society to have more impact in more communities than any other cancer charity. And the purpose of it all? To eradicate cancer and improve quality of life for people with and beyond cancer. How do we do it? By investing in outstanding research, providing trusted information and compassionate support and by leading prevention initiatives.  The Canadian Cancer Society fights for life, and, we hope you’ll join us.

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