When I was 14 years old, I started working with Paladin Security as an on-call janitor. Shortly after graduating from UBC with my Bachelor of Commerce Degree, I bought the company, which had four employees and one contractor. Since then, I have worked with our teams to expand the company to 6,000 employees across 16 offices from Coast to Coast in Canada.

But it isn’t our company’s growth that I’m most proud of; it’s our collective commitment to making a difference in this world.

In 1999, my father died of lung cancer and seven years later, in 2006, my mother passed away from esophageal cancer. It was an incredibly difficult time for my entire family. After learning more about cancer and talking to more people about the disease, I came to the shocking conclusion that I had very few friends or acquaintances even who had not been touched by the disease in some way. After attending the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Ball in Vancouver in 2000, I became hooked and wanted to help.

 While Paladin Security has had a charitable giving program in place for a number of years now, this year we’re stepping up our game as a socially responsible company and a leader in our industry.


Ashley Cooper with his late father

Ashley Cooper with his late father

 We are running an internal campaign to try to get all of our 6,000 employees to donate something during the month of April – Daffodil Month – and Paladin will then match those donated funds. We’re also running a cause-related marketing campaign where we will donate $100 to the Canadian Cancer Society for every new alarm account that signs up or switches to Paladin in the next several months. Many of our employees are also volunteering for the Society this month or hosting independent fundraising events benefitting the Society, and we have an aggressive web-based fundraising program in place.

I believe a company is more than just a mercantile enterprise. At Paladin, we are a large team of people who want to make our neighbourhoods and businesses safer, while also making the world a better place. By supporting the Canadian Cancer Society, we truly believe that we are making a difference in many people’s lives.


Ashley Cooper's son with his late mother.

Ashley Cooper’s son with his late mother.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 this year. If we reach or surpass that amount, we will all be beyond proud. To us, however, true success means finding a cure while making the lives of those people battling cancer better. It’s a lofty goal, but if we all work together, we can make it happen.


I invite you to join us in the fight.


Guest blog by Ashley Cooper