Glyndwr Lyndon Lea Morse (Barrie’s Dad)

My family has a long history of cancer. I lost my father and father-in-law to cancer and all male members of my family have been affected by, or at a high risk of, developing prostate cancer. We even have a hereditary history that could impact my daughter and her future.

I first got involved with the Canadian Cancer Society about five years ago and was blown away by the dedication and professionalism of everyone who works and volunteers there. It made me feel humble to see how much others were prepared to give. In memory of my father and my father-in-law, I decided I needed to get involved in a bigger way.

I’m a Microsoft Training Expert and the owner of Dragon Corporate Training. Originally from Wales, I now live in West Kelowna and spend much of my time travelling across BC teaching corporate clients ways they can work smarter and more efficiently. For my friends at the Canadian Cancer Society, this means they can make bigger strides towards stopping cancer in its tracks.

I started providing corporate training to the teams at the Society and I donate a minimum of 10 per cent of my training delivery back to the Society on a time for time basis.

I’m a firm believer that technology can assist organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society to maximize their effectiveness when it comes to time management and administration. The more efficient and technologically up-to-date the Society can be, the more profits can be channeled towards fighting disease and funding research.

Author: Barrie Morse

Author: Barrie Morse

My hope for future generations is that we can talk about cancer in the past tense, not the present. Donating part of my time and skills is my own way of supporting the Canadian Cancer Society’s fight for life. I encourage everyone to get involved so that we can work together to live in a world without fear of this disease.